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Lithium Battery Safety


Beware of Inferior or Counterfeit Batteries

INFORCE recommends the use of Duracell®, Energizer®, and Panasonic® lithium 123A batteries only. There are many counterfeit and inferior lithium batteries in the market that do not pass safety qualifications. Use of such batteries can be known to damage the product and can seriously injure the user. Certain instances resulted in counterfeit and inferior lithium batteries exploding, catching fire, and causing burns. Inferior batteries also do not meet performance standards and decrease LED run time. DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES with INFORCE flashlights under any circumstance.

Handle with Care

All lithium batteries present some danger when handled improperly. If batteries are punctured, cut, crushed, exposed to water, high temperatures, or fire, they are prone to explosion and can result in serious injury. DO NOT attempt to dissemble a battery. DO NOT mix batteries with used or differing battery types. DO NOT use rechargeable batteries in INFORCE products. DO NOT place batteries in the product in the opposite direction. Store batteries in a cool, dry, environment away from objects that could puncture the battery. Keep batteries and torches away from children. If batteries are tampered with or are stored incorrectly, resulting in damage to the INFORCE product, the warranty may be void.

Proper Disposal of Lithium Batteries

Battery recycling laws and regulations differ state to state and around the globe. For details on proper disposal of used batteries, please contact your local waste disposal service or governmental recycling agency. DO NOT throw batteries away in general waste. This could cause fire and expose batteries to objects that could cause an explosion. Thank you for disposing your batteries in an effective and safe manner.