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Baker Ballistics

bbllc-intro.jpgBaker Ballistics was developed in 2003 by two pioneers in ballistic shield systems and operations - Lt. Al Baker, a 23-year career officer with the NYPD ESU and Rick Armellino with his 30-year experience in armour design and manufacturing stemming from being the President of American Body Armour & Equipment Inc.

The concept for the shields was born from learned experience, with the aim to create an innovative, portable and highly protective armor product – a personal protective shield that would be used much more frequently than traditional “bunker” defensive ballistic shields.  Most importantly, the new shield needed to operate efficiently and accurately with the most ideal first armed responder weapon, the long-gun.

Time has proven Baker Ballistics shields, are now considered by many to be among the best life-saving types of protective equipment ever designed, and are now in use protecting the safety of thousands of law enforcement, military, and security personnel worldwide.

Designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, all Baker Ballistics employees share the concern about the increase in armed violence and are proud to produce life-saving quality products.

There are two versions of the Baker Ballistics shields;

Baker Batshields (NIJ Level IIIA) 

An innovative and effective design that 'wraps around' the operator providing greater protection whilst allowing for accurate centreline aiming with both hands.

MRAPS (Mobile Rifle Armour Protective Shield) NIJ Level III and IV (including the innovative + and ++ protection enhancements) 

The MRAPS range are the most weight-efficient and ergonimic Level IV and III shields on the market that allow true mobility and accurate delivery of firepower by the first responder on scene. 

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