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Baker Ballistics MRAPS Level III++ TEAM


Product Description

MRAPS® III++ TEAM (Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shield) 

Developed for the First Responder. The MRAPS series are made from advanced proprietary polyethylene armor composite matrix combined with battle ready shock-absorbing support hardware – engineered using the world’s lightest and toughest materials:  Titanium, Aluminum, Kevlar, and advanced heat-treated metal alloy.

Designed to be worn! The Baker Ballistics patented Bungee/Quick Release carry system allows the MRAPS® to be suspended off both shoulders “hands-free” for elimination of user fatigue and ease of weapon manipulation.


• Shock reducing & battle-hardened free-floating adjustable handle
• Accurate delivery of firepower with long gun or handgun
• Dual bungee hands-free weight support system with quick release
• SAWS™ ambidextrous “Self Alignment Weapon Support” platforms (2)
• QuikDon™ – Instant wear neck collar attachment to dual bungee system
• Provision for instant attachment to optional The Reaper™ exoskeleton support
• Available Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote & Tan
• Fastex® female buckles included – provides anchoring points for dual bungee and quick release attachment to users’ tactical body armor (i.e., remove QuikDon™ collar and support shield weight by tactical vest drag strap or MOLLE)
• Permanent Velcro® loop included in upper head protective region for users’ choice of attaching electronic vision devices – no heavy windows and related hardware needed



Total Weight: 28.5 lbs (13 kg.)

Dimensions: 34″ (86.4 cm) tall by 20.5″ (52 cm) wide

Model #: M3-PP-XL

Ballistic Components: Proprietary polyethylene and polyuria

Multi-Hit Trauma Reducing Battle-Ready Hardware: Honeycomb,
aluminum, heat-treated steel, Kevlar®, composite, closed-cell foam,
skeletonized throughout for weight reduction

Threat Level(s): Threat Level III++
Composite armor construction includes use of protective coatings, adhesives, and paint which vary in applied thicknesses – completed product weights are generally within plus or minus 3% of advertised total weights.


Refer to Threat Profile Matrix documentation. Note the + and ++ symbols indicate extra protection provided by Baker Ballistics against common ballistic threats, these are NOT or intended to imply existence of additional NIJ classification, protocol or endorsement.
5.56 × 45 M193
7.62 x 39mm Mild Steel Core
7.62 X 51mm M80h
7.62 x 54R LPS
5.56 x 45mm M855/SS109




• Lighting system – wide-angle high-intensity LED with strobe & remote switch capability
• “The Reaper”™ exoskeleton support system
• Reaper Optimized Handle System (ROHS) – when “The Reaper”™ is used as the exclusive shield support system – the ROHS provides maximum shield stability & control during extremely dynamic operations (i.e., physical contact with hostile combatants and/or long-range shooting accuracy)
• Ballistic Rough Operations Cover (B-ROC) – this independent & removable level IIIAballistic shield is positioned onto the strike face surface of the MRAPS® Series shield –deploys downwards at operator discretion to protect the shield bearers’ legs from handgun, shotgun & incoming deflected rifle rounds – quickly detaches to provide an extra XL sized shield when advantageous (i.e., rescue operation)
• Small Arms Rapid Reloader System (SARRS™) – mounts loaded M-4 magazine on shield for fast reloads with eyes on target, right & left handed models
• T-Slot 80/20 aluminum side rail system – attach points for readily available T-Slot mounting hardware to securely mount users’ tactical equipment onto either or both shield upper side edges (i.e., IR illuminators, electronics, thermal vision, monopod, etc.)
• Carbon Fiber Telescoping Monopod – provides full weight support during stationary shield positioning at users’ choice of height off the ground
• Custom colors and identification decals available (minimum quantity may apply)
• Non-ballistic MRAPS® training shields are available – same weight, hardware and appearance as armored shield model
• Extra Female Fastex® Buckles – enables additional team members to instantly
hook-up the shield’s dual bungee support system to their tactical vest for ready to
go anchor points

Product Videos


Six models of MRAPS® Series military grade lightweight composite ballistic protective shields. Man-portable and designed to enhance delivery of accurate long-gun firepower while the shield operator is on the move, with minimal or no user fatigue. Two sizes, three levels of protection will enhance safety during any dangerous military, law enforcement or security operation where hostile rifle fire can be encountered. Made in the USA. Filmed at the 2019 SHOT Show. Visit us at Video filmed and edited by Jesse Paivadunn.

    Six models of MRAPS® Series military grade lightweight composi...

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